Monday, November 21, 2011

Travel plans finalized!

We're leaving on a jet plane and we'll be back next year!  Flights are purchased and we have 11 days left in our home as a family of 3!  I am somewhat running around with my head cut off...but I know God is going to pave the way and everything will be just fine.  We will officially get to meet our daughter on Wednesday Dec. 7th.  Would you pray for that day that she would recognize us from our pictures?  I am so nervous about that.  I cannot wait until I get to be the one to hug her and take care of her.  Zac obviously keeps his emotions a little more held in, but this last weekend we were so blessed by our church to spend the weekend at Weekend to Remember.  It is such a blessing to have that time together to connect and communicate. So thankful.  I will update again prior to leaving, but you still have a couple more days if you'd like to donate and have a chance to win some awesome prizes.  Winners will be announced on Dec. 1st. Blessings!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So thankful...there are just no words...but thank you.

The last couple of weeks have just been amazing.  God has been working in some big ways.  Moving mountains and providing the way.  Our fundraiser will close out on Nov. watch for winners to be posted on Dec. 1st.  There's still time to enter to win! =)  Thank you to all who have either donated, or been an encouragement along the way..even today at MOPS some of the gals I've met through MOPS handed me bags with donations  for the orphanage and gifts to keep Adriana busy on the flights and time in the thankful. God is so amazing, isn't He?!

We have been overwhelmed throughout this whole adoption journey of family and friends and their support, encouragement and continuous prayer.  I have come to know total strangers (whom I can only pray we'll meet someday soon) to be good friends...Kim, Stephanie, Lisandra, Anna, Carol....As I dialed Stephanie's number tonight to get a little more information on the process that she's already been through as far as getting our immigration approval wired to Ecuador...I just sat in awe of what God has given us.  To be able to call a complete stranger and talk...for almost half of an hour about our adoption journey...and our journey with Christ...I mean cool is that?!

Another absolute amazing thing that has helped me along this journey is the author Ann Voskamp who wrote 1000 gifts..just returned from Ecuador after traveling with Compassion International.  No, she wasn't in the orphanages, but she was there...she was with the children who needed Christ...who needed to know the love  of Christ and the feeling of just being loved...just so cool to be able to follow her and the teams  journey as they traveled the country of Ecuador loving on others as Christ loves us.

Last Wednesday, the group Dando Amor...who was the group that traveled back in March, who originally "introduced" us to Adriana traveled back to Ecuador to work in and raise money for the orphanages for the third time this year.  So we have had another look into the orphanages and I am praying that they might give us a little more insight to our dear sweet Adriana...does she like our book we sent? what about her birthday shirt and doll?  Maybe they won't or can't share that information...but if God thinks we need to hear it...pretty sure He'll make it happen.

So when do we travel? Good question!  Tentatively and I mean TENTATIVELY we are planning to travel out Dec. 17th.  I spoke to our immigration officer today and he finally has our file...seriously, I think it is carried by snails  from Texas to Missouri....he said he should be able to get it approved tomorrow provided there are no issues...once we have USCIS approval for Adriana then that gets wired to the visa consulate office in Ecuador and at that time we get travel yes, provided all goes well, without incident, we are still slated to fly out of Chicago on the 17th.

My friend Stephanie..whom  I've yet to meet...was slated and even had tickets purchased for travel on Nov. 20th, only to find out her daughters picture was rejected at the visa office due to her eyes being closed...and they now won't leave until after Thanksgiving. =(  So yes, issues can happen when it comes to international adoption...I won't guarantee we leave on the 17th until our plane has left the airport. =)

So we have about a month to prepare, pack, clean, thankful for friends (Amy and Ty) who are going to keep our house and dogs warms and safe  by staying here to take care of things for us...hopefully Ty doesn't have to scoop too much snow. =)

Addie can't go with us due to her heart defect and our cardiologist won't clear her to go into high altitudes..Cuenca is in the she is staying in IL with my parents and will also get to spend some time with Zac's folks as well over the thankful for our family to do this for us...we are confident she'll be well taken care of.  We'll be utilizing skype and facetime as much as possible. So thankful for technology!

Lastly, I thought I'd share another pic of our daughter, Adriana Erin, the name Zac has chosen for his second daughter. So blessed.
photo courtesy of Tiffanie Lloyd Photography