Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ecuador Day 39

Thursday Jan. 12th
7:30 Priscila came to pick us up and we were ready to go! Upon arriving at the civil registration we saw a VERY full parking lot and a TON of people waiting to go in the doors...Priscila just bypassed the long lines and told me to sit down...she went to get a number and we actually got 7! Thank you Lord as even with seven, it was still going to be atleast an hour wait. We finally got called up, then we had to do the upstairs downstairs path about 10 times and then finally got called to get her picture taken. We got her picture taken and when they tried to capture her fingerprints electronically it wasn't working. They had me wash her hands and try again...two men came over with magnifying glasses and looked at her fingerprints....turns out I guess our daughter doesn't really have fingerprints...what?! So they tried to ink all of her fingers to see if one could show up that way...and no such luck either. So they looked at her original Ecuadorian ID and saw that it was pretty much just a smudge then as they just picked a finger and inked it onto paper that way and scanned it into the computer very. odd. Only my child! HA!

With her cedula we could now leave that dreaded building and go to the passport was now almost 2:00..we walked into this office and they asked for the entire adoption file, which Priscila didn't have with thankfully her wonderful husband came to the rescue with the file. We got approval to get the passport and it was a very quick process...I'd say less than 30 minutes we had her Ecuadorian passport in hand. Praise God! All three things were finally in our possision to head to Guayaquil for the exit interview and visa!

Santiago and Priscila drove us to our apartment and I gave them most of the toys we had either brought with us or purchased while here as the kids needed those books and playdough, etc..more than this kid did...We went into the court yard and took a picture of all of us and said goodbye...It's amazing how you become attached to someone when you spend so much important time with them and rely on them for so much. Priscila and Santiago had recently had a msicarriage..they were considering adopting as many things that the Lord allowed for Priscilla and I to become friends. Thankful for facebook as I'm sure we'll stay in contact. Both Priscila and I shared a tearful goodbye and Adriana gave great big hugs to both Santiago and Priscila. So thankful for that family.

After they left, I got Adriana down for a late nap and called to see if John and Carmen wanted to go to dinner. John took us to this nice restaurant at a hostel he had stayed at when he first came to Ecuador. John told us he would take us to the airport the next morning so he could see us off. John has also been very insistent that we stay in touch and I'm sure we will...John and Zac had a lot of good conversations and I know they've already been emailing.
While we were at dinner, Santiago called to let us know our in country rep, Maria Jose was in Cuenca and was coming to our we rushed home.

I got Adriana to bed and asleep...finally....and went to packing up as much as I could before I myself was too tired. Maria Jose still hadn't showed up so I thought I'd head to bed...right about the time I got my pajamas on the phone I let Maria Jose and the other person that was with her (a social worker from the Quito INFA office) came up to the apartment. Xavier, our apartment manager came up to help translate....

Maria Jose explained that she was in Cuenca for a meeting with INFA tomorrow and then would be back in Quito and was going to take Adriana and I to Adri's doctors appointment for her visa first thing monday morning....she also said she would take us to get Adriana's visa photo's taken. Then she went on to explain, that before we could go to Guayaquil we had to get this letter from INFA....of course...and since she was in Cuenca Friday, she couldn't get the letter until at the earliest we're praying we get that letter on MOnday so we can go to Guayaquil on Tuesday and prayerfully fly out on Wednesday. She explained that she wasn't sure we'd be able to leave on Wednesday....seriously we are all asking for prayers that we get the letter Monday, go to Guayaquil Tuesday and leave on Wednesday. We do need the salida from our judge which is approval to leave..but from what Priscila told me, our judge was getting that written on Friday so Maria Jose should already have that....we'll pray.

I went to bed trying not to be discouraged and looking forward to the weekend ahead.

Ecuador Day 38

Wendesday Jan. 11th
Priscila picked us up at 9:15 and we went to the civil registration office. There was already a ton of people waiting in chairs in the building...we got a number and waited for a good 2 hours or so. The "doctor" as Priscila called her was upstairs and was helping us to bypass some of the steps of the I'd say we went from upstairs to downstairs about 20 times throughout the day...then I found the elevator!

We first had to get Adriana's Ecuadorian ID and her original birth certificate canclled out of the system. The bith certificate was fairly easy after several up downs, we had the new birth certificate. Her Ecuadorian ID....of couse, couldn't be easy! They couldn't find the number on her old ID in the system. So finally at about 3:00 they told us they couldn't find it and we would have to drive to where the manual hand written books are located. THese books travel from different town...and luckily for us, they happened to be in a town close Priscila's husband came and drove us to Balle to do the manual books. They were just finishing up a wedding in the of course we had to wait a bit...but finally got it done. We got back in the car and drove back to Cuenca to arrive back at the civil registration office at about 4:45 so Priscila literally ran inside to see if they would now canccel out Adriana's old Ecuadorian ID so that first thing in the morning they could issue us the new one...

It was a long day...I was very car sick from the drive to and from Balle and had a major headache...and Adriana does NOT do well when she has to be confined to small offices or the stroller....and especially when she hasn't had a she was just being naughty...yelling at me...trying to hit me...good times!

So we just ordered pizza for dinner...I let her watch a Dora and off she went to bed. I
up was also exhausted and fell asleep with her...which was fine really as we'd have to be up by 6:30 the next morning as Priscila was picking us up at 7:30 to get in line back at civil registration for Adriana's Ecuadorian ID, otherwise known as a cedula.

It was this day that I realized it would be best for Adriana and I to just head to Quito for the weekend as otherwise, we'd have to take all of our luggage with us to Guayaquil...and going to QUito would help to pass the time since the two other families are there waiting as well..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ecuador Day 37

Tuesday Jan. 10th
37 days crazy when you think about what all you can do back home in 37 days...Adriana slept in until 9:00! I was worried she was going to wake up with a fever or something, but she woke up same as normal, just seemed more tired...wondering if she didn't sleep well last night...but I slept like a rock and didn't hear a thing!

Once we finally got up and ready for the day it was almost 10:30..we walked into downtown up the huge flight of stairs next to Magnolia's...I have a picture to post here just to show the large set of stairs..Adri and I were both winded by the time we got to the top!

We walked to the Panama Hat museum on Calle Larga and looked around...very neat to see all the different kinds of hats and how they make them! Little known fact is that the Panama hat actually originated here in Cuenca! Hats range from $10 - $100 depending how much time and material went into the hat...very interesting!

We then walked down to Parque Calderon and went to a couple of my favorite shops in case we don't have another day to shop in Cuenca...(still praying we may get to go to Guayaquil Friday) was fun to walk around...very warm and sunny here today...Adriana did so well and seemed to enjoy being out and about today. We headed over to Raymipapas for lunch as her and I both were getting hungry...of course Adri had the Locro de Papas and I had a chicken crepe that really wasn't that great...big disapointment! Oh well.

Right about the time we left the restaurant it was starting to cloud over pretty fast so we hoped in a taxi and about that time it started to DOWN POUR!! I've noticed the taxi drivers are much more sociable with Adri and I since Zac is not with us...he must have intimidated them with his size. LOL...this driver asked where my spouse was...which kind of made me nervous...but I think he was just trying to be sociable...if you show an interest in learning more spanish they'll really start to talk to you! I just couldn't remember the name for rain...and then he started asking me all these questions! I had to really listen to understand what he was saying, but I was quite proud of myself for doing so well!

Adri took a good nap while I continued to sort through stuff and get organized for packing..I am so not a good packer...really need my big sis here to do as she's the pro! LOL

Priscila is going to be here tomorrow at 9:00 to head to the civil office to start all of our processes to get the three things we need to leave Cuenca...Praying all goes well and smooth!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ecuador Day 36

Monday Jan. 9th

I fell asleep with Adriana last night at about 8:00 and we didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning! I guess we were both tired!

I got a message from Priscila letting us know that Saturday counted as day one for our waiting we're already on day 2 of our 3 day waiting period! Priscilla and I will go to the civil registration on Wednesday morning...she said to plan on a very long day....but we will apply for Adriana's new birth certificate with Zac and I's names, her Ecuadorian ID with her new name, and then go to get her passport! Priscila said that most times, the birth certificate takes 8-10 days but that the people in the civil office are going to help pleae pray that they help us and get us all that we need on Wednesday!

Once we have the birth cert, the Ecuadorian ID, and her passport, we then go to see a doctor for a medical exam for Adriana's visa. Once we have that we can then fly to Guayaquil to go to the US Embassy to get Adriana's visa. Once we have that in hand we wait for written clearance from our judge and then we're free to leave!! So a lot will start happening in the coming days...

Today we headed down to Parque Calderon again and looked around the shops and waited to board a tour bus. It is a double decker bus with the top level open air...and it wa so much fun! It was only $5 for the 2 hour tour and it also took us up to Turi where there is an amazing view of all of Cuenca...I know..I so wish I had a way to get the pics off my camera!!

Anyways, by the time the bus tour was over Adriana was pretty much done and was ready for I'm sitting here typing I'm quickly realzing that I got a little sun..I can feel it on my cheeks and arms...Adriana is fast asleep and guessign she'll remain that way for another hour or so...

After naps we headed over to the Mall del Rio to go to the supermaxi as I was hoping to get some small things to keep Adri busy when we go to the Civil registry on Wednesday as Prisciala had said it would be a long day of waiting around...but no such luck...just going to pray that coloring books and her doll will keep her entertained..

When we got home we went downstairs to the common area to talk to the people down there...the place here is OK, but pretty much everyone here is retired couples who are looking to move here...but of course that just gets Adriana lots of attention! Several people were heading to Magnolia's for dinner, so we went along as well. I was very proud of Adri as she walked the whole way to and from the restaurant. I let her stay up a little late, hoping to get to talk to Zac, only to be VERY frustrated with the internet connection flaking out...I probably wouldn't be so darn homesick if I could actually talk to Zac and Addie...but such it we'll deal with it! LOL

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ecuador day 35

Sunday jan. 8

We got up early to say goodbye to our Ohio friends....not quite sure Adriana really understands...poor kid has got to be some confused! Later in the day she went running into their apartment thinking they were there, only to find Angelita, the maid, cleaning. Poor kid.

We stayed in our jammies for a good portion of the morning and then had to wait a little bit longer until there was hot water for a shower...

Right before naps we saw a parade coming up our street (celebrating the three kings thing from last friday) YOu will find that during this time of year, you can find a parade somewher in the city almost every day...crazy. We went out and sat on the sidewalk and watched and took pictures...Adriana just wanted to jump in to start chatting with all the other kids!

After naps our neighbors brought us some flowers, they said to "brighten our day". They had heard that our we weren't going to get to leave early like we thought...they are anxiously waiting to move into our apartment when we leave...I guess it's the most wanted apartment was nice of them!

I am really starting to miss church badly. I found myself being jealous of Zac this morning knowing that he got to go to church...I know there is so much worship I can do from my apartment..but there is just something about our church...the people, the message is always good...I just really miss it.

Zac said when he picked Addie up from sunday school today she kept saying about a tear jerker! I love that our girls will grow up with such a supportive church family with great teachings..both for Zac and I and our girls!

Ecuador Day 34

Saturday Jan. 7th
This morning we got up and headed to John's to do laundry. I took a bag of coloring books and a couple toys for Adriana to keep her busy and she did fairly well..

When we got back to the apartment our friends from Ohio were back and their kids, Tally and Finn came over to play (our apartment has become the cool place to hang LOL) Adriana LOVES having Tally and Finn in our apartment to play...they play with stickers and playdough mostly....and of course I have some chocoloates stored away to share with them. =) (Bummed that our Ohio friends leave tomorrow)

For dinner we headed downtown by the New Cathedral to Raymipapas...we all had a very nice meal and John and Carmen also joined us. If you ever are in Cuenca...go to Raymipapas and have their crepes! Oh my are they good! I had the chicken with white wine crepe and then Adriana and I shared a banana chocolate crepe....oh my, so good!

We've been having some major rain showers the last couple days and today was no rained hard! The Rio Tomebamba (the river by our apartment) is flowing fast and furious!

We have to get up early to say goodbye to our Ohio friends, so we're off to bed!

Ecuador Day 33

Friday Jan. 6th
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Last night, the women in my bible study had posted a picture of them all with notes of encouragement for awesome is that?! How can I stay mopey and sad when we have so many people praying and supporting us...seriously...not sure ya'll know this....but this God we serve....HE IS AMAZING!!!!!

Now, some may ask well if this God is so good than how can he allow these thing to happen? Well let me tell you...I know that last night my God sat and cried with me...He wept...but His tears are for me as He can see what's on the other side of all of this...and He knows how good and amzing it's going to yeah, He's sad these not so great things happen...but He's crying and holding us through it....knowing how good it is on the other cool is that?!

There are so many days that I could sit and feel sorry for myself....there are days when I could wish away my time here just wanting to be home...but seriously, what an amazing journey He has us on...I've had more face to the earth prayers that I've ever had in the states. I've had more moments of seeing God's Hand in all this then I ever imagined, I've drawn closer to my Lord for comfort...and have even had moments when I felt as if His real hands were wrapped around me, keeping me warm and telling me it was all going to be can I feel sad about all of this? I can't! Yes, I am counting down the days till I'm home...but I'm not sitting around waiting for the days to just can't do that when you can see all these miraculous things He is doing!

It's not easy for Zac being a single parent in the states...and Adriana is getting pretty tired of the same couple of toys we have here...and it definetely not easy for me to be away from Addie going on 6 weeks now...and it really really not easy for Zac and I to be so far apart with a very poor internet connection to help us keep in touch....Zac has had more than one moment of I'm not sure I can do this till Erin get's home....and I've had more than one moment of wanting to scream at th apartment owner for the terrible internet (can't have a skype conversation for longer than 2 minutes without it going out)...but we both know that all these trials and pains are just the devil trying to work his little measily hands into this crazy work that God has got going's actually a fun little game we can play to see how hard the devil is working to cause things to happen to discourage us so that God won't get the glory...but HA! the jokes on you devil, cause there aint nothing but Glory coming to our God!

We had a good day here in Cuenca...we went for a nice walk...I did some more reading...and if you couldn't tell....I've been just writing on the blog...but not publishing as I hadn't the time to proof read without 10 cute little fingers coming to trying to get caught up.

Ecuador Day 32

Thursday Jan. 5th
I woke up with a terrible headache...was really praying it would get better over night, but no such sinuses have just been terrible here...another thing about Cuenca is the air pollution is usually wake up with lots of eye boogies from all the crud that goes into your eyes during the day...and the floors here are never matter how often you mop, you still end up with black socks when walking around cause the air is just that bad...

We needed to get to the Supermaxi to get a couple I mustered up some energy to get there and back....but once I got back the headache was quickly turning into a migraine, so I made some lunch and Adriana and I both took a nice long nap. I woke up still feeling bad and was starting to get sick to my stomach..(crazy thing is I have been going to the Chiropractor about 1x/week and hadn't had a migraine in many many months...and of course, since I haven't been in over 5 weeks..yeah..good times...thankfully Adriana played on the bed next to me. She loves playing with coins so we worked on counting coins quietly for a while.

I was still not getting better so I decided to take a hot shower and that really seemed to help (thankful there was actually hot water!) About that time our lawyer called to let us know she'd be coming by in 30 minutes as there was an issue with some of our we waited and about an hour and a half later she was there. THankfully, her brothers wife was with her and could help translate.

Priscilla explained that my passport said Erin M. Harlan...even though I signed it and everythig else Erin Harlan, the civil registry office said they couldn't enter it into their systerm for Adriana's birth certificate and that it needed to be changed in our court documents...Priscilla also explained that a child gets a mothers maiden name and a fathers name..but since I don't have my maiden name in my current name...Adriana's name in our court documents was Adriana Gabriella Harlan that had to be changed as well...soo...this mean the 3 day waiting period to make the sentence official would have to be interrupted and a new sentence written and another 3 day waiting period would have to take place...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!! I was a wreck. Looking back, it wasn't that terrible...but when I had felt so crappy all day long and then adding this on top of really just sucked...plain and simple.

Priscila explained that the judge was going to re-write the sentence first thing friday morning and so our three day waiting period would be the following Mon - Wed...she said there was a chance the wait period could start Saturday as government officials had to work Saturday since they had monday off for the best case scenario we could still leave by our originally booked Jan. 18th flight...we will pray.

I called my mom and Zac and let them know what was going on...through lots of was at this time I fell deeper in love with my little girl...she pulled her shirt sleeves down over her hands to wipe my tears...and continued to do so until there were no more tears...she went intot he bathroom and kept bringing me pieces of toilet paper and holding it up to my nose and telling me to blow my nose...and continued to wipe my tears..she would sit next to me and rub my back...seriously....I think the HOly Spirit crawled right up inside her body and showed Himself to was amazing!

Adriana and I were going to head out to do something as I couldn't sit in this apartment any we were walking out the Ohio family was coming to their apartment and invited us to dinner at was awesome! Such good food! Seriously what I needed! A good hamburger and fries (we will be returning to that restaruant again!)

I went to bed tired, but knowing I had lots of people praying..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ecuador Day 31

Wednesday Jan. 4th

Today we planned on heading out to go down to the markets to get our last few momentos and gifts that we wanted to take home. When we were heading out Adriana welcomed herself into the Ohio family's apartment (the door was cracked open). They were asking me about things to see and do as they are leaving on Sunday and I definetly planning on moving here this summer after they are done with their jobs (they are teachers). They invited Adriana and I to join them to meet up another Ex-pat (ex-patriot, Ex-American). We all met this woman and her son at Parque Calderon down by the new cathedral and we went to eat at Raymepapas. Adriana and I really enjoy the Locro de Papas (potato soup) good!

After lunch we got on a bus (only $.25 per just have to be able to figure out which bus you need...needless to say, I won't be taking a bus unless someone is with me to direct me! LOL) to go to a park to let the kids play for a bit and the adults could talk...well...the other adults could talk and I would chase after Adriana chasing the other kids...but we had fun!
Adriana LOVED the bus...and now whenever she sees one she practically freaks out! She has begun the screaming/hollering thing that changes in tone whether she is mad about something or excited about something...yeah....something to work on with her. =)

While at the park there were these ice cream vendors. I would like to believe I had yet to get "gringo'd" Well...we got gringo'd. We all got what ice cream we wanted and didn't ask the price prior to taking the items..for five little ice cream things is was $5.50! Mark (the husband of the family from Ohio was SO UPSET)...the other nearby ice cream vendors were totally giving the vendor a lot of flack for doing what he did...they were laughing about it...but it still just wasn't cool....ALWAYS ask the cost of something before you take it! Lesson learned.

We hailed a cab and headed back down by Parque Calderon..yes, all 7 of us in a small's crazy the way they do things here...we went to Casa De la Mujer (the artisan shops) and did a little shopping and looking. We then walked to the Hippie Market that has lots of handmade jewelry, this time Adriana was done and so were the rest of us as it was almost 5:00 so we hailed a cab and went to a nearby "Delicious Chicken" place near our apartment...I wouldn't have eaten there...but the Ohio family said they'd eaten there and it was good...

It was starting to rain pretty good, so we quickly walked the 3 blocks or so back to our apartment and Adriana and I headed to get out of our wet clothes...and I was starting to get a pretty bad headache so we relaxed and watched a Dora show and got ready for bed. Pretty sure we were both sound asleep by 8:00.

I so wish I could get pics to upload to my blogger...but it's still having issues...or user issues, but either way, it's not working, super bummed about that...oh well.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ecuador Day 30

Tuesday Jan. 3rd
We woke up to a very sunny and gorgeous day today! What a blessing as I was planning on spending a good majority of the morning outdoors! We got ourselves ready and headed out to grab a taxi to go to Parque Calderon- this is the major park by the New Catherdral that is Cuenca's landmark...big blue roof...traffic was crazy and there were so many people out and about. We technically could walk pretty much anywhere we need to go around town, but I just feel much safer just getting in the cab and having it take us to the place we need to go...

It was warm enough szs that I had on a tank top and jeans (whishing I handn't sent my capri's home with Zac!) We walked around a bit and I am feeling so much more comfortable here and Adriana does so well in the stroller. However, if she want out to look at something, you better be ready for a fit if you don't let her get the shops that I could actually go into and look were limited due to so many stores having breakable stuff within her arms reach...oh well...Zac has given me stict orders to limit my spending...who me??? nah!

Adriana was pretty much done walking around a looking at things by noon so we headed home to have lunch and take a nap...I am trying to get out of the habit of taking naps with her as I don't plan on napping once we get back home...well occasionally maybe, but not daily. =)

Adriana just woke up from her nap and it is downpouring! I even heard thunder, which I haven't heard here! We are going to wait til the rain lets up and head out to a bakery.

I did talk to Priscila a bit a go and she is guessing the judge will sign the sentence Thursday or Friday which could means we'll be right on track for coming home on the 18th...guess we'll pray we can atleast be home by the 18th!

(wrote the above earlier today)

Just heard from Priscila! Our judge wrote the sentence today! What a tremendous blessing!! So we now wait three days..every written document in Ecuador it not "official" until 3 days very wierd...but it is what it is, so we wait. Priscila said to plan on Monday going to get Adriana's new birth certificate, and passport and hopefully squeeze in her doctors appointment that day as well. Provided we can get all three things done that day, we should be able to fly to Guayaquil Wednesday to get her visa and do the exit interview and prayerfully be able to leave for the states Friday or Saturday!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Not having to stay for another weekend is amazing news! Obviously we really won't know until mid week next week to see if it all works out that way...but it is looking like it could very well happen! And this is also great news, as Zac wouldn't have to take any more time off work to come get us as we'd be coming home on a weekend so it would work out perfectly!

Now I just have to make it through the rest of this week and weekend...going to head out to try and get pictures of all the cathedrals, possibly going with the family from Ohio so that will be a good change up!

If we are able to fly to Guayaquil Wednesday that would mean Tuesday would be our last day in Cuenca as we'll fly from Cuenca to Guayaquil then Guayaquil to Quito and then leave from Quito...I really pray this all works so...but...if it doesn't, then I will be Ok with whatever God's plan for us is..all in His Precious Timing.

Ecuador Day 29

Monday Jan. 2nd
Today we woke up to cloudy skies and it looked like it would rain any minute...I knew we couldn't spend the entire day inside, but we hung out in our jammies for a good portion of the morning and just played and worked on more vocabulary for Adriana. She is getting so much better already!

I was hoping to be able to go back into my posts and start putting pictures in since the internet has been better..but for some reason blogger isn't giving me the upload from picasa...not sure what's up with that...I've posted pics on facebook...and will continue to as I'm able...will have to add pics to the blog once I'm home I guess. Sorry!

We had a wonderful lunch of PB & J...gormet I tell ya...and we both took a nice long nap..then it was time to get out of the house so we headed to the Mall Del Rio...I was hoping I could find a swim suit as they have a place called Banos with Hot Water natural springs...and I packed Adriana's suit, but didn't pack mine...not sure what I was thinking there...but anyways...turns out you have to be about a size 0 or be willing to show all your stuff if you're going to purchase a suit I guess we're not going to Banos..oh well...

We continue to get to know the Ohio family...mostly because as soon as I open our apartment door, if their door is open, Adriana just goes right in and starts making herself comfortable. LOL...glad they don't mind! We were going to go out to dinner together, but they'd had a late lunch so their kids were'nt hungry...they have something planned for every day this we might just have to tag along one of the days!

I think the "honeymoon" period has officially worn off as i'm seeing more and more tantrums and acting out...I'm sure it is a compilation of her just being confused, being taken from the only place she's every known, to her daddy leaving, etc...if I tell her no about something she will stomp her foot and tell me no right back....good times! I've been trying to do more reading as to when to really start enforcing discipline with an adopted child. I don't want to affect our bonding, but I do want to set up some boundaries..If she doesn't get what she wants, like getting to watch a movie, or getting to take another shower....she usually sits and pouts somewhere....I've been trying to just pick her up and hold her and love on her when that happens, but I'm not sure that is the correct answer...just learning as we go!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ecuador Day 28

Sunday Jan. 1st Feliz Anos!
Happy New Year! Despite Adriana being awake until almost 10pm, she was up bright and early at 6:30...I let her watch Toy Story in bed while I attempted to gear myself up for the day.  Once we got up and around I let Adriana take her baby in the shower with'd think she'd won the lottery1 I got to see more independent play out of her as she dried her baby, dressed her, and then asked for a cup and a spoon for her baby and proceeded to sit on the couch and feed her cute.  Can't wait for all the hours of playing with babies with Adriana and Addie once we get home!

John picked us up at 10 and we went to his house quick to start a load of laundry and then John took us up into Paute to the Sunday market there.  It was similar to the market we go to on Thursdays here in Cuenca, but much bigger, and everything is locally grown. (some things at the Cuenca market are brought in from other places in Ecuador) I purchased about a pound of new potatoes, 5 papayas, 3 green and 2 red peppers, a pineapple, 4 mandarines, 8 large carrots (the carrots here are seriously on steroids! LOL), 3 apples,  3 avocados, and 3 onions....and all for less than $5....we wouldn't have such an obesity issue in America if fresh fruits and veggies were so affordable...and all the stuff here is locally grown and organic! 

After going to the market we went on up the road and purchased some more maize (corn) patties like we had the first time came to Paute.  Adriana loves these things..might have to look up how to make them...they seem very similar to a cornbread mixture..but just made into a pancake form.

We were getting hungry for lunch and John wanted to take us to a place where they roast the whole pig out front by the street..and by whole I mean head, ears, tail...its all there...This place was also roasting whole chickens as well..I was concerned about sanitary, getting sick, etc...but John said this is the place he stops when he wants this kind of meal...and he'd never been I guess that eased my mind a bit. LOL...they served coke in the glass bottles as well...pretty neat.  That took me back to my Great Grandpa Thurman (my dad's grandpa) he always had glass bottles of coke for us kids whenever we came to do chores at his house..I'm looking forward to the day I get to see my Great Grandpa and Grandma Thurman again in Heaven...I wonder if Grandpa will even have a coke for me. =) ANyways..this ended up being one of the more expensive meals of our journey at $5/plate..but we did get a ton of food...tons of pork, a salad, and was decent but I'm not sure I'd eat it again...I'm not one to have to eat around/scrape off the fat from the meat and you had to do that with the yeah...not a fan. Zac would have loved it!

We had about a45 minute drive home and Adriana was getting very tired as it was nearing 2:00..Adriana has this love of coins..and she loves to hold several coins in her hands for a long time.  I had given her coins at the the lunch place, but we needed a few of the coins to pay a toll...all of $.50, but she wasn't happy about it and wanted some coins that were in John's cup holder..I told her no and that caused a major fit...she stiffened up her body so it was hard for me to keep her on my lap and then proceeded to try and pinch me very hard...I think John was unsure what to do as she'd always been so good around him..he'd say..only about 20 minutes...only about 10  minutes...I can laugh about it now...Adriana had not cried until today...and she cried....not a lot and she stopped as soon as I snuggled her into me and held her close...poor kiddo has got to be just so confused...but I'd say we can mark it down as her first temper tantrum! LOL Since Adri was so ready to get out of the car and be home we decided I'd call John after Adri woke up and we'd come over to finish the laundry...good times!

When we got home I called my mom and she let me know Zac had arrived and he and Addie had went over to visit his mom and step dad.  She showed me the video she took of when Zac arrived there and I was a bawling baby! Compiled with the stress and emotion of Adriana acting up and just being happy Zac was home with was kinda nice to have a good cry. =)

We had a gourmet dinner of mac n cheese (thanks Shalane!) and a papaya and Adriana and I enjoyed some more time down in the common areas talking to the other people staying here...Adriana has become quite the favorite and is usually being given candy and cookies from people here...pretty cute..unfortunately if the apartment dog, Tormenta, is around, she won't give anyone the time of day as all she wants to do is pet and look at Tormenta "Enta" as she calls her.

Ecuador Day 27

Saturday Dec. 31st

Why is my daughter up at 6am after a night of poor sleep? Good question! Guessing she is misskng her normal wake up with daddy time...We had a good morning as I am starting to see glimpses of more independent play with Adri...such a blessing!  Today a norwex cloth was her play choice and she went around the apartment cleaning everything, including her cute.

John picked us up at 10 to get groceries. ( I later found out he told Zac he'd keep us busy the first couple days so Zac wouldn't worry)  It was just  quick trip out, but enough to get us up and out of the apartment and pick up some necessities at the know....mac n cheese....these yogurt drink things that Adri loves...

On our way home we ran into another New Years tradition...there have been these dummy dolls all over that you can buy and pick out a mask...well the men dress up as women, and then have a dummy doll look like their man that has died and they stop traffic and make you put money in their bag as they are crying over their dead this instance, they used a rope to hold across the street so we couldn't pass until we weird...
Each scenario is different..this man was dressed in a very short black skirt and top...other times the outfits can be very revealing....

I decided Adri needed a new movie...And they unfortunately don't have "real" DVD's here...only copied ones in lots of different stores all over town..not sur how they get away with it...but whatever,  so we walked down to one that is close to our apartment and purchased three DVD's...Toy Story, Dora,and Shrek...and each one has about four different movies on it was worth the $4. =) Of course Adriana wanted to watch them right away, but I made her wait until her nap time...I'm slowly trying to set boundaries as I don't think she every really had it just wasn't needed when you are confined to a certain area all day.....anyways..she wasn't very happy with me but obliged after stomping her foot.  LOL

We had some chicken soup with bread and took a nice long nap.  We headed out to the common area and met a new family here that is considering moving here from Ohio and has two adopted children, ages, 7 and 8..from Guatemala and China...Adriana enjoyed interacting with the children and I enjoyed talking with the mom and dad about adoption.  

Adriana and I were planning on ordering pizza for dinner and the Ohio family was thinking the same we ended up all have Pizza Hut for our New Years Eve dinner...not the greatest pizza, but it was the only place open...

Adriana was starting to get a little bit squirley...I can always tell when she gets tired as she really starts to get disobedient and testing me a lot...

We heard from Zac and he made it safely to Chicago. He is spending the night with my little sis and brother in law before heading to Monmouth Sunday morning. He said he feels like he has traveled 20 years into the future...said it was similar to when he returned from traveling on a mission trip to Kenya, Africa...wondering how it will feel for Adriana..

Cuenca, Ecuador New Years at 11:50pm....the sounds begin....fireworks, bands, car alarms, dogs barking, people yelling, dummy doll burnings..this only lasted until about 12:45AM so it really wasn't as bad as  I thought it would be...Adriana slept through most of it just stirring when a really loud firework would go off.. I actually thought it would be much worse, but it didn't last all night long...there was still some firworks that went off throughout the night..but nothing that kept us up all night...thankful for that!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gotcha Day Part 2

We finished up court and paid our translator. We asked Priscila about the $200 as Maria Jose had said and she asked that we take $60 out to pay the translator and then she would take the rest...and said that she was just doing it to make Maria Jose happy. LOL. Have I mentioned our lawyer is the best...if only all lawyers were like her.

Priscila's husband was waiting for her and we asked them if we could take them to lunch as well as her brother and sister in law. Their whole family was getting ready to leave for the coast (many families go to the coast to the beach for New Years weekend) it ended up just being Priscila, her husband, Santiago, and their 3 year old son, Santi. Andriana was head over heals for Santi and just kept watching him the entire time and saying hiee..she is so ready for some playmates! Poor kiddo....We went to this Italian Ice Cream place that also had good lasagna...and it was very good! We of course had to try the ice cream, which was also very good! $.75 for a cone with a large scoop of ice cream! Santiago bought some bubble gum ice cream for Sati and shared it with Adriana..she liked it, but didn't really love it...took some bites and was done...still don't know if this kid likes ice cream...

Priscila and her family had to get going to pack for their weekend trip, so we let them know we'd get a cab home....we got the bill only to realize they didn't take debit cards and we gave the cash we had with us to Priscilla and the translator...oops! There was a ATM machine across the we tried it several times, but found out it doesn't do international we called John and he came and rescued us, paid the bill, and took us home....have we mentioned how much we love John and he has totally taken us under his wing and been like a grandfather to us. So cool...we know we'll keep in touch with him long after we're home.

By the time we got that whole ordeal taken care of it was almost 3:00 and John was going to be back at 5:00 to pick us up to get a light snack prior to taking Zac to the airport. We tried to get Adri down for a nap, but she wasn't having it, which was fine so Zac could spend more time with her before leaving.

John took us to this cute litte coffee shop that had great smoothies and brownies. I am still in awe of how peaceful I have been on Friday leading up to Zac leaving and yesterday while he was traveling. Amazing what happens when you fill yourself with the Truth.

We got to the airport with plenty of time and got Zac's bags checked. We said goodbye (yes, I cried, but I was totally at peace with it). Adri kept pointing to herself and saying me...she was trying to tell us she wanted to go on the plane..she just loves planes...but I still wonder if she knows the planes = America and her that is what they told her at the orphanage...and that's why she gets so excited for planes...who knows! Zac was going to spend the night in Quito with the Broaddus family before leaving for Miami then Chicago in the morning.

John took Adri and I by a bakery on the way home as Adri was wanting some more "pan" (bread)...He dropped us off at the apartment and I got Adri to bed..after she had a roll from the bakery of course. LOL..I was able to facebook with Stephanie and she let me know Zac was there (my minutes on our cell phone had ran out..need to make sure I get more tomorrow!)

I startd reading I Will Carry You by Angie Smith....totally got lost in the book and stayed up way to late...its a great book!

John let us know he had to go to the store tomorrow and would pick us up at 10 to get us out of the house for the blessed.