Monday, October 24, 2011

Officially Assigned and Final Fundraiser!

We're officially assigned!  
We are so excited to be at a point where this is our 
final fundraiser!
 We have been blessed by a great group of ladies who have gathered up the following prizes!

Our first prize...

iPad2 16GB

 $500 gift certificate to B & H Photo
$500 CASH 


Our second prize...

Don't Dis My Ability Tshirt donated by Amy Flege
winner picks the size and color


Our third prize...

Gift certificate for a pair of frames and a clip from Specs for Us
a $150 value!


Our fourth prize...

Mother's Necklace donated by Dawn of Funky Fish Designs
up to 14 names


Our fifth prize...

 Tutu dress donated by Angel Bailey Tutus
you pick the design, with or without crochet top.  All tutus come with matching hair band.


Our sixth prize...

All Life Is Precious Necklace by Annie Reid of Ollie Faith Design


Our seventh prize...

Norwex mini-mop package donated by Yolanda Huber 


Our eighth prize...

Custom blog makeover by Bethany Balsis

You will get...
custom header
custom background
custom signature and sidebar headers
installation of pages
installation of facebook/twitter/rss feed widgets
and more!


1) Every $10 donation using the ChipIn below or in my sidebar will earn you an entry into the drawing for one of the prizes.
2) Every $25 donation will get you 4 entries

3) Every $50 donation will get you 10 entries

Please blog it. Please facebook it. Please tweet it. Please share. Please help bring Sister home!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, you're only a day away.....

But it is taking forever to get here! The meeting in Ecuador was supposed to be Tuesday, then got moved to Friday, then someone was it is to be Monday...tomorrow!! We are praying it really happens...If they do really meet then there is still a good chance we could travel prior to Christmas...we'd be spending Christmas in Ecuador...but so be it if it means getting Sister home!

Two other families that we've been "walking" this Ecuadorian adoption journey with have been approved for immigration (I-800) and are just waiting for a travel other family is just waiting on their immigration (I-800) approval..which I would guess should come this week for them...and then there is us and another family who's assignment should be coming on Thursday...I'm praying we all get to travel this year and we'll all get to meet in country! We all have to travel via Quito and three of the families' children are in we'll be able to stay overnight with a family that we've been "walking" this oh so fun journey with! =)

It will all be worth it when that little girl is here in our arms...I think Zac is growing more and more anxious every day just to get her home...not sure what he's going to do when two little girls have him wrapped around their fingers, cause that's exactly what's going to happen....and I love it. Blessings and thank you for sharing in our journey!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 9th, 2011

We are going to get Sister home! The agency and overseeing agency in Ecuador has cleared as a family and said after we had sent them the additional information we ended up being "an ideal family for Sister"! I have just been in constant prayer thanking God for this blessing. We are so humbled and so thankful!

I've been listening to the song Stronger by it...and believing God.
"Cause if He started this work in your life
He will be faithful to complete it
If only you believe it
He knows how much it hurts
And I'm sure that He's gonna help you get through this"

So now what, right? On Tuesday we will prayerfully get the official signatures from the committee in Ecuador...there is that chance that they don't work on our case if they have a large pile of other cases and don't get to it, etc, we have to PRAY that they review and get the signatures on our case!

Then we submit Sisters information to immigration here in the states and wait for her approval (currently taking about 2-3 weeks). Once we have immigration approval for sister that is wired to Ecuador and after some quick formalities, they send us the document to travel.

So when can we go?
I assumed January...however, our agency has said that there is a small chance that we could still go this year! Our God can perform miracles, right! Yes He can!!! In order for us to travel in 2011 we would have to get the signatures on Tuesday, have immigration take their normal 2-3 weeks, and then be ready to go when they say go!

PS...if we get the signatures Tuesday...guess what that'll get to see pictures! Get excited!!

Will you join me in prayer?

In other fun news...we had our Buddy Walk yesterday...we had over 1000 people in attendance! I think I'm still on a Buddy Walk high! My older sister Leslie and her family were here this weekend as well as my mom and Grandma and Grandpa for the walk on Saturday...Leslie and Dave and the kids stayed until today and we spent the day as a family, enjoying the beautiful weather at a pumpkin patch and then at an apple orchard. Addie had an absolute blast and was already climbing into her bed after her bath tonight without prompting..which she never does! I was sad to see them go, but definitely enjoying tonight relaxing...

Since March our lives have been consumed by adoption stuff, and then it quickly moved to Buddy Walk stuff (I'm the President of our Down Syndrome Support group), with more adoption stuff trickled in throughout...and now, Buddy Walk is over...and there are no more documents that need signed, notarized (Gina we will still have to get together thought) =), and no more trips to Des Moines for is amazing how much stress a person can carry and how great it feels when that stress has been lifted!

I know God is faithful to the end...but there is such a bright light shining at the end of this seemingly never ending tunnel...we are coming to get you dear Sister....we cannot wait to hold you in our arms, take in your smell, and share our lives with you! In the car tonight Addie was talking about Sister and saying her name...and I could be completely wrong, but I honestly feel that Addie knows that Sister is coming and she is starting to understand who her Sister is. A Sister that God knew was hers long before she was even born. Love love love.

October 6th, 2011

The reviewing agency in Ecuador had asked for a letter from Addie's Physical Therapists wanting detailed information on her development as they didn't feel our home study went into enough instead of one letter, we sent a letter from her speech therapist, a letter from her physical therapist, and a letter from her teacher at preschool. Hopefully that'll give them they information they need on lil miss Addie....but really...I'm kinda over this hurry up and wait game and I just want a little girl home. Not getting my hopes up, but will definitely be praying as they are to be meeting about our case on we could possibly know more by Friday night....we can only pray.

We have come to terms with the fact that we will most likely not be traveling in 2011...(Ecuador government shuts down for three weeks in December)..and that is fine..but you better believe we'll be on the plane as soon as they say go....

Until then, we've been keeping busy getting ready for the Buddy Walk this Saturday! I was looking back at pictures from last year and thought I'd share...crazy to see how much Addie has changed in a year..

2011 Adelynn's Advocates

Addie and her cousin Corbett

September 27th, 2011

We didn't get bad news today..just that they need more info...which I'm totally fine with...we are awaiting further again...not looking like we'll have much news tonight...but I'm totally ok with that. It is amazing what God has done these last couple weeks to my heart...I have trusted in Him fully..but not only trusted in Him...but just plain trusted Him. It is just amazing and I pray that one day He'll put the words into my head to help me explain this journey we've been on...cause yes, it's an adoption journey, but even bigger than that, it has been a journey with Christ. The molding, changing, and learning of what my relationship with God is...and I am LOVING IT!

But until we get some more definite news...I thought you'd enjoy a recent trip to Bloomsbury farms...and it'll help ya'll understand why we need this little girl we call Sister home.
A big huge THANK YOU to Tiffanie Lloyd Photography for taking the first two pics.

Reason #1 Momma can't handle much more of this wrestling...Addie needs sister to play.

Reason #2 We need double the cuteness in this house, I mean really...why would you not want double the amount of awesomeness?

Reason #3 Momma don't fit on a child's teeter totter...Sister would fit perfectly.

Reason #4 Cause Sister has the coolest daddy ever and one child just isn't enough to play in the corn pit!

September 26th, 2011

As of today Sept. 26th, Joshua Tree Adoption has been lifted of the suspension placed on them on Aug. 26th! Praise God! We are all so thankful for this wonderful news. Adoptions can now continue with Joshua Tree...pending adoptions and new adoptions!

Speaking of new adoptions....there is a 6 year old little boy with Down Syndrome waiting to be adopted in Ecuador...could you be his momma? Message me for details!

Currently it is 8:40pm here...and no news from our agency on the results of the meeting today with the social worker. I am believing God. His plans for us are good...but waiting is so hard! So we wait some more..all in God's timing, right?

Will update more when I hear something! Thank you for all your prayers. Praising God for the suspension being lifted and believing Him as we wait on our next step.

September 25th, 2011

It has been a busy couple of weeks! Addie is thoroughly enjoying school. As soon as I tell her it's time to get ready for school, she high tails it for her bedroom and is so excited to get dressed and get her shoes and socks on.

She also started Hippotherapy and is absolutely in love with it. On her first time the therapists had her riding forward, side saddle both ways, and reverse! The drive home from the stable is about 20 minutes, and I got a play by play the whole way home. I think I got just as much from it as she did! My Uncle Gene has horses, and so she has been on a horse twice before, but was either with me or my to see her up there on her own was so awesome!

Since my last post, we had a very successful Flapjack Fundraiser at the Galseburg, IL Applebees. We are so humbled and blessed by all the support of everyone. We raised about $1400!! Praise God!

Last Thursday we were to be getting the official referral of Sister. However, several weeks ago, the social worker in Ecuador that reviews the family documents prior to assignment had requested some more documents to supplement what was already in our home study and reference letters. The social worker wants to ensure that we are capable to parent two children with Down syndrome. The first letter requested was a letter about family support, respite services, etc and the second letter was about the functioning and level of care for Addie. Of course, the second letter didn't get to Ecuador on time with a fed ex tomorrow afternoon our agency rep in Ecuador is meeting with the social worker to review our documents. PLEASE PRAY! If this meeting goes well and the social worker approves everything, then we could get our assignment very soon!

I know that they are just trying to be cautious...a couple of years ago a case involving a child with special needs to not go well and the child was removed from the I guess they are covering all grounds....I just wish I could show them the hundreds of families that live here in the states that enjoy and love and thrive in their families of multiple children with Down syndrome. Sister is already part of our family and I just pray that God continues to keep these doors open and gets us past this bump in the road. I can't help but think of the families that have been denied their adoption of kids with Down syndrome for various reasons...having faith..

A huge praise last Thursday is that one of the families that we are walking this journey with did get their assignment. I am so happy for them and pray that even though we have not be assigned, we could still end up traveling about the same time.

The second family that we are walking this road with are to be assigned this Thursday...hopefully, but we also thought they could be assigned the last three praying for them as well.

Joshua Tree has submitted all the new policies and procedures to the accreditation committee...those items were reviewed on Friday and prayerfully we hope to hear tomorrow that their suspension has been lifted.

I am really praying this week will go as we hope it could. This last week was a very rough one. Between the stress of the adoption ups and downs a friend suddenly lost their three year old daughter. I attended the visitation this afternoon and it was very difficult. There are so many things I know we will not understand this side of heaven, but I sure wish I did. If you think of it, please pray for the VanZee family..the coming weeks will be difficult, but I know that God will carrying them through it.

I am so thankful to be back in a Bible study this fall with a group of women I adore. Shalane and Sheralee are wonderful leaders and have challenged us to be more active with memorizing scripture. I am so excited to see the impact that this will have on all of us!

Until next time...

September 7th, 2011

"On August 26, 2011, the Council on Accreditation temporarily suspended the accreditation of Joshua Tree Adoptions, Inc. for failing to maintain substantial compliance with the Hague accreditation standards. This agency operates in Ecuador. During this suspension, Joshua Tree Adoptions, Inc. must cease to provide all adoption services in connection with cases covered under the Hague Convention. If you have an open case with this agency, please contact the adoption service provider directly to find out how this will affect your case. This suspension does not prohibit the adoption service provider from providing adoption services in connection with cases involving non-Hague countries.
The suspension will begin on August 27, 2011 and conclude when the accrediting entity has determined that the adoption service provider has completed the necessary corrective actions. Updated information will be provided on the website."

This is the notice that is on the adoption government website...our agency had sent us a letter last Sunday night explaining the situation....since this suspension is here in the states and is separate from the government in Ecuador, our agency isn't really clear on how exactly things are going to transpire in the coming weeks....and that leaves this momma unsettled....very unsettled. =(

God is in this. God is in this. God is in this. He can do all things. We will get Sister home.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Phillipeans 4:6-7

According to our agency, a minor complaint was filed in 201 that caused the accreditation agency to look closed at all policies, procedures, and programs that Joshua Tree offers. Joshua Tree got the necessary documents to them and the complaint was resolved. However, since it cause the accreditation people to look very closely at all of Joshua Tree's policies and procedures, they have been asked to make some very specific changes to these policies and procedures, and then submit that to the accreditation until these new policies and procedures are approved and in place....everything is on hold....sigh....

I've been starting to deal with some insomnia...waking up in the night and can't fall back asleep and then the anxiety is causing some ugly traits to come out, specifically at my hubby...not cool....the devil is trying to work on both Zac and I...but he's not going to win this. God Is. He Will. He Can.

We are USCIS approved and are to be getting our "official referral" of Sister on Sept. 15th. There are also three other families that are to be getting their "official referral" in a different city in Ecuador this Thursday. Would you please join me in prayer this Thursday and next Thursday as we wait and see how this lovely story is going to play out?

"Be strong. Take courage. Don't be intimidated. Don't give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you. He's right there with you. He won't let you down; He won't leave you" Deut. 31:6

We will get Sister home....not on my own timing, but God' matter when that is, we will be thankful. So. very. THANKFUL.
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August 28th, 2011

After two months we are finally USCIS I-800A approved! We mailed the form on June 18th and the approval was dated Aug. 19th. We received it in the mail on Aug. 24th! (this is for all those future adoptees looking for timelines...because I've been scouring the web for them! LOL)

And, of course, God used this day to further the evidence of His might hand bringing our daughter home. The same day we got our USCIS approval we received a significant donation check in the mail. How cool is that?! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us, not only financially, but emotionally as's been a long road and it's not over yet. =)

So now what? The assignment committee meets in Cuenca on Sept. 15th. So we PRAY PRAY PRAY that our case/dossier will be reviewed and approved. We are on the roster to be reviewed, but there have been times that the committee will reschedule their meeting, or not review all the cases, etc, we are asking for prayer that the committee does meet on the 15th and that they do review and approve our case!!

Once we are approved with the assignment committee we will get the "official referral" of our little girl. We then submit that referral back to USCIS here in the states and wait for approval of Sister....praying that it doesn't take the 2 months that it took for Zac and I to be approved. Once Sister is USCIS approved we will send that back to Ecuador and then we get a travel date! We are nearing these final steps. So exciting but so much to be praying that all goes without hiccups so that we can spend Christmas in IOWA with our girls! Can I just say how much I enjoy typing GIRLS!!! LOVE IT!!!

We are still throwing around the idea of taking Addie with us...but there are so many what ifs. 6 -8 weeks without her momma would be very hard on her and then to have me come home with another child would just not go well. But with her heart issues she can't be a certain elevations, so I have to check with her cardiologist to get his input. Our pediatrician is willing to send a prescription with us to use if she were to get sick so we could avoid a trip to the dr....but I just don't know what the best answer is and I have yet to feel like God is really pushing us one way or the other. I know that it would be easier on Sister to have the sole attention of Zac and I, but again, I just don't know...something to continue to pray about...

We have a fundraiser coming up on Sept. 17th back in IL where Zac and I grew up at the Applebees in Galseburg. They do "Flapjack Fundraisers" are $5 and we give Applebees $1 for each ticket sold and the rest is it's a pretty good deal! Just have to help bus tables and that's it! So if you're in the area, come join us! Sept. 17th 8am-10am.

In non-adoption news Addie has started school and is LOVING it. She comes home so happy and content and her teach has been awesome. She is also riding the bus, which was a very hard decision, but once Sister comes home she'd have to ride the bus then, so we decided that it would be best to start now so it's not such a change later....but the good news is she loves riding the bus and the driver and his rider (picture your grandma and grandpa) are amazing. Every day when they come to drop her off, as the doors of the bus open I always here Addie yelling MOMMA!!! and waving her hands real big...yeah, that will NEVER get old! Love that kid.

Online fundraiser to be coming very soon! Our last push to Bring Sister Home!!!

August 12th, 2011

We had our second adoption fundraiser garage sale a couple weeks ago. We ended up raising $1300!!!! Praise God! Just another confirmation that this is HIS plan. My amazing friend Sarah and I have done garage sales every year for the past 3 years and NEVER have we made that much money...usually $300 or just amazes me. Seriously in awe of the God we serve! Thank you to all who came out and shopped, donated items to sell, and just simply supported us!! THANK YOU!

Last week, Addie and I were so blessed to be able to travel to San Antonio to the National Down Syndrome Conference. Zac, Addie, my mom, and my cousin and I went last year, so it was a bit different just going with Addie and I. But with trying to save every single extra dime to bring Sister home, it was best to just go with Addie and I. We had a hard time deciding to go until the Lord provided our hotel room to us for FREE!! Thank you Amy and Maria!!! Then, we received TWO conference from our local DS support group and the other from Family 2 Family Iowa. SO THANKFUL! We would not have been able to go had it not been for all of these things happening. Addie and I had an AMAZING time and were able to catch up with people we met last year, as well as meet so many new families. LOVE LOVE LOVE our DS friends. SO THANKFUL! I was terrible about taking pics, but so many people have posted pics to my FB page, so feel free to go and take a look! I'm still trying to get them all saved to my computer so I can get them posted on here!

As far as our is going....slow, but it is moving along....still waiting for our USCIS approval. Another family that is adopting finally got their approval after 18 weeks! (we're in our 8th week of waiting) We know that this is all in God's timing, so I am trying to be patient but it is SO HARD! Once we receive our USCIS approval then we submit our dossier to Ecuador, then we will receive the official referal of Sister, then we submit that to USCIS for approval of Sister here in the states, THEN...we wait for a travel we are still PRAYING HARD that we will be getting Sister before Christmas. It makes me sick to my stomach that we might not make it before Christmas...but we can only pray.

We have raised about $8K and still have another almost $9K left to go (see chipin icon on sidebar)...we will be having an online fundraiser coming up in the next couple of weeks! So thankful for all of the support!

I will try to get pictures posted soon!

July 17th, 2011

It isn't a secret that I don't have patience. I'm starting to worry that the mail carrier thinks I'm a nut job...really I'm not....*no comments needed* I'm quite sure that adopting Sister is in God's Plan. All doors have been so completely wide open that it is without doubt that she is meant to be our daughter.

We had a USCIS appointment scheduled for our fingerprinting on July 28th. However, we needed to go to Des Moines (a 2 hour drive from us) to get our apostilles and after a friend suggested we try a walk in, we figured why not?! I called the office and they said they can't guarantee we'd get it, but we could we did and ended up getting in and out in less than 20 minutes! Getting our apostilles took longer, but we got to tour the Capitol building while we were waiting, which was really pretty cool!

So now we wait...Brigette...a local adoptive mommy friend had a lucky occurrence where they had gotten their approval from USCIS after their fingerprinting in less than a I thought, yeah, it could happen! But it's been a week and no approval so we shall wait some more. I can't help but think, Ok, we'll have it by next friday, when in reality, it may be several more weeks...yeah, and I'm not so good at this waiting thing...

We were able to submit our dossier to the country for translation so that once we are approved through USCIS that the dossier will be ready to be sent for approval...then we just have to submit our I-800 for Sister, wait for approval again and then wait for a travel date....why does there seem to be a reoccurrence of the word WAIT. *sigh*

Psa. 27:14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

So yes, Lord. I get it...well, I like to think I got it, but really, unless I continue to fall at His feet day after day there really is no way I can get through this. I want my daughter home. I want her in my arms.

Zac - in his...we need to be debt free thinking...says that it is a good thing that we have to wait...cause right now we're really not sure where the money would come from...where I, we go to the bank and say give us a loan NOW or my wife might go ape wild on you!

We have paid out a little of $5K in adoption costs and have atleast another $12K yet to is overwhelming if you think about it, but I know that the Lord will help us on this as well. We have applications for about 15 grants/scholarships that are going out this prayerfully one or two of those will come through and help us out.

We have another adoption fundraiser garage sale coming up on July 29th and 30th, what a great way to spend our 5th anniversary (July 29th), and a friend is helping to put together an online fundraiser as we'll get there...

We were so blessed to have our photographer friend - that was the one that originally introduced us to a picture of Sister - travel again to Ecuador. She blessed us with pictures and stories of Sister. Pictures that my husband couldn't and can't look at without tearing up. Have I mentioned my husband rocks?

We then had an anonymous donor give money to my friend to get us copies of these pictures...framed and all...they even insisted that one of these framed pics goes with Zac to work...I mean really, how cool is that?! Zac and I had just been talking that we really couldn't afford to purchase pics because we have been putting so much into our adoption account to get Sister home. We serve an AMAZING God. All Knowing God.

I have been reminded by quite a few people to enjoy this time...these last few months of just the three of us in our family...all the one on one time with little superhero. =)
And my little artist.

June 20th, 2011

Our I-800a form has been mailed to immigration (INS) and now we wait....the time frame they give is 60-90 days, however, another adoptive DS mom had luck with contacting her congressman to help expedite their approval in 3 weeks! Anyway, we are asking for prayers to move our application along quickly. We sent a letter asking for it to be expedited...we shall see what happens.

Now the I-800a is mailed, we can start compiling all documents for the dossier and making sure all is notarized, apostiled, times. We are also spending most nights filling out applications for no interest loans/grants to help fund our adoption...this is such a time consuming task, but we know that the Lord will provide the funds we need.

The group dando amor, that helped us to "find" Sister, is back in Ecuador this week. I know that there are so many more orphans there that need forever families, so just praying that God could use this group for the desires of His heart.

We had our main fundraiser on June 4th...a pancake breakfast, silent auction, and bake sale. We had a fantastic turnout....served about 300 people, and we raised $5000!!!!! How awesome is that?! A big huge THANK YOU to all who came out, donated, prayed, and helped! It has just been amazing to see God working in all of this to get His child into our home.

Another huge blessing is the people that we have met through an adoption forum who have been giving us great advice and encouragement as we go through the process. I am so thankful for every person that God has brought into our lives...I really think I need to start listing out all of the ways God has shown us without a doubt in our minds that bringing Sister home is His will for is just humbling and mind-boggling! It's kind of fun to know that He is just getting started in this journey! I'm so excited to see where both Zac and I are going to be at in our walk with our heavenly Father when Sister is home...I just can't even put into words how exciting it is.

In non-adoption news, Zac and I had been trying to decide if it would be financially possible for Addie and I to go to the National Down Syndrome Convention in San Antonio in August...Zac can't go since he has to save all of his vacation for our trip to Ecuador. Well, once again God completely provided a way for Addie and I to go. We got awarded a scholarship from our local support group, then we found plane tickets super cheap, and then I had a friend ask Addie and I to room with them....and oh yeah, the room is FREE!! How amazing is that?! Then, I could have been stuck with my room reservation, but then found out about a new adoptive DS momma that was in need of a room, so I was able to just transfer my reservation to her! I am so excited for our trip and so thankful for God to provide such a great means for us to go!

If you are going to convention, please leave a note and let me know! I did such a terrible job of keeping track of all of the families we met last year...going to try to do better this year!


May 24th, 2011

Here is the flyer for our fundraiser...THANK YOU to Lindsay for designing the flyer!
Thank you to Heather for managing the bake sale!
Thank you to Bethany for helping bring in donations!

Some of the items in the silent auction
Plasma Car from Intelligent Life Toys
Stampin Up Sets from
Destiny bracelet from FunkyFish Designs
Bow's/Tutu's by Jill basket
handmade stationary by Celeste
Family portrait session by Tanya
Pampered Chef basket
homemade noodles by Cheryl
handmade cards by Jamie
31 basket
Norwex basket
Lia Sophia basket
Mary Kay basket
Three pictures from Lemstone Christian Bookstore
Marion Pool passes
Veggie Tales DVD's from Family Christian Bookstore
Sauce basket from Buffalo Wild Wings

I'll keep adding as they come it! Can't wait!

May 10th, 2011

So what are you doing now?

Many people have asked what's next, when do we get Sister, why does it take so I thought I'd give a little blurb for ya'll..

We meet for our 3rd and final home study visit on Sunday in Des Moines (I'll be up there for the Women of Faith conference and our social worker lives there!) Our social worker will notarize the items that I need notarized and then I can send in for apostiling (a document from the state for every document stating you "own" it) It costs $5 per apostile and we need over 20....yeah, you do that math, it adds up!

Our social worker will get us the final home study to review and then we should be able to submit our I-800A form with $1000 to immigration with our home study by May 24th, if not before. We then have to wait for approval for immigration to give us a fingerprinting date to go to Des Moines to be fingerprinted. This process typically takes 60-90 days but we are praying that with a little intervention from our congressman and a letter of urgency about Sister needing to get home quickly due to the Down syndrome and possible other medical issues, we are PRAYING we could get approval in about a month....but once again, we know this is in God's hands. There is WAY too much He has done to help us bring our daughter home to not believe His hand has been in every step.

Once we are fingerprinted and get approval of our I-800A we then can send our dossier over to get the full assignment of Sister. This can take 1-3 months, but again, we are praying that with a little intervention, we can have it move quickly. The government where Sister is at meets every Thursday for approval of adoptions so we are going to have some hard core prayers going up that our case can be approved quickly!

Once our dossier and full assignment of Sister happens, we just have to file another immigration form here in the states (I-800). Once Sister is approved here in the states, the US government cables that info to where Sister is at and we get a travel date!

So...with God all things are possible...and that is exactly what we are going on. We are praying that we will get the quick route on all things and that we can travel by Sister's 4th birthday in September. It's all in God's plans for our family....we can just hope that the goal of having Sister home in September came from Him! =)

We are having a pancake fundraiser with a bake sale and silent auction on June 4th. If you like to donate to the silent auction or bake, send me an email! Thank you!

March 7th, 2011

Let the fundraising begin! =) As Zac and I were praying about bringing this little girl home, we knew there was no way we could afford to do this. When it's all said and done we'll be needing a little over $15K to bring our little girl home. But we know that we serve an awesome God. He will provide all our needs during this time. If you feel led, feel free to click the Chipin on the sidebar and be the first to contribute. Thank you!

"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know, and holds us responsible to act." Prov. 24:1

March 5th, 2011

Yes, it's true, there is a #2 in the works. However, said #2 is a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome who is in an international country. This is something that has been on Erin's heart for a very long time. After some friends of ours traveled on a missions trip and met her in an orphanage and then Zac saw her picture and we both spent lots of time in prayer considering all things, it was unanimous. Baby girl was meant to be a Harlan.
Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know, and holds us responsible to act." Prov. 24:1
We know many of you will be confused, asking why, or think we're nuts. And that is OK. Erin has felt lead to these orphans for over a year now. Zac more recently started discussing and praying about the idea and we are both very excited! We just ask that you would consider praying for our family during this time and especially our little girl sitting in an orphanage not knowing her momma and daddy....yet.
More info to come, but wanted the first post to be to the point =). We are praying she will be able to come home to celebrate with us by Christmas. We would love to have her home by her 4th birthday in September, and so we're praying for the God of miracles to do just that...give us a beautiful miracle.
To the general public, for privacy reasons until the adoption is final, she is a little girl with Down syndrome in a foreign country that desperately needs to be saved and brought to our little home to grow old with her sister.
Thank you so much for your support thus far in Adelynn's Journey and we look forward to seeing our story continue with the addition of another chromosomally enhanced little girl.
Yes, we are calling her that is what Addie says when she sees her picture...and until we can use her name on here...we lovingly call her Sister!