Monday, January 9, 2012

Ecuador day 35

Sunday jan. 8

We got up early to say goodbye to our Ohio friends....not quite sure Adriana really understands...poor kid has got to be some confused! Later in the day she went running into their apartment thinking they were there, only to find Angelita, the maid, cleaning. Poor kid.

We stayed in our jammies for a good portion of the morning and then had to wait a little bit longer until there was hot water for a shower...

Right before naps we saw a parade coming up our street (celebrating the three kings thing from last friday) YOu will find that during this time of year, you can find a parade somewher in the city almost every day...crazy. We went out and sat on the sidewalk and watched and took pictures...Adriana just wanted to jump in to start chatting with all the other kids!

After naps our neighbors brought us some flowers, they said to "brighten our day". They had heard that our we weren't going to get to leave early like we thought...they are anxiously waiting to move into our apartment when we leave...I guess it's the most wanted apartment was nice of them!

I am really starting to miss church badly. I found myself being jealous of Zac this morning knowing that he got to go to church...I know there is so much worship I can do from my apartment..but there is just something about our church...the people, the message is always good...I just really miss it.

Zac said when he picked Addie up from sunday school today she kept saying about a tear jerker! I love that our girls will grow up with such a supportive church family with great teachings..both for Zac and I and our girls!


Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

Love reading your blog each day! Your new daughter sounds like a great little girl! Cant wait till you can post some pictures!

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