Monday, January 9, 2012

Ecuador Day 34

Saturday Jan. 7th
This morning we got up and headed to John's to do laundry. I took a bag of coloring books and a couple toys for Adriana to keep her busy and she did fairly well..

When we got back to the apartment our friends from Ohio were back and their kids, Tally and Finn came over to play (our apartment has become the cool place to hang LOL) Adriana LOVES having Tally and Finn in our apartment to play...they play with stickers and playdough mostly....and of course I have some chocoloates stored away to share with them. =) (Bummed that our Ohio friends leave tomorrow)

For dinner we headed downtown by the New Cathedral to Raymipapas...we all had a very nice meal and John and Carmen also joined us. If you ever are in Cuenca...go to Raymipapas and have their crepes! Oh my are they good! I had the chicken with white wine crepe and then Adriana and I shared a banana chocolate crepe....oh my, so good!

We've been having some major rain showers the last couple days and today was no rained hard! The Rio Tomebamba (the river by our apartment) is flowing fast and furious!

We have to get up early to say goodbye to our Ohio friends, so we're off to bed!


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