Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ecuador Day 30

Tuesday Jan. 3rd
We woke up to a very sunny and gorgeous day today! What a blessing as I was planning on spending a good majority of the morning outdoors! We got ourselves ready and headed out to grab a taxi to go to Parque Calderon- this is the major park by the New Catherdral that is Cuenca's landmark...big blue roof...traffic was crazy and there were so many people out and about. We technically could walk pretty much anywhere we need to go around town, but I just feel much safer just getting in the cab and having it take us to the place we need to go...

It was warm enough szs that I had on a tank top and jeans (whishing I handn't sent my capri's home with Zac!) We walked around a bit and I am feeling so much more comfortable here and Adriana does so well in the stroller. However, if she want out to look at something, you better be ready for a fit if you don't let her get out...so the shops that I could actually go into and look were limited due to so many stores having breakable stuff within her arms reach...oh well...Zac has given me stict orders to limit my spending...who me??? nah!

Adriana was pretty much done walking around a looking at things by noon so we headed home to have lunch and take a nap...I am trying to get out of the habit of taking naps with her as I don't plan on napping once we get back home...well occasionally maybe, but not daily. =)

Adriana just woke up from her nap and it is downpouring! I even heard thunder, which I haven't heard here! We are going to wait til the rain lets up and head out to a bakery.

I did talk to Priscila a bit a go and she is guessing the judge will sign the sentence Thursday or Friday which could means we'll be right on track for coming home on the 18th...guess we'll pray we can atleast be home by the 18th!

(wrote the above earlier today)

Just heard from Priscila! Our judge wrote the sentence today! What a tremendous blessing!! So we now wait three days..every written document in Ecuador it not "official" until 3 days later...so very wierd...but it is what it is, so we wait. Priscila said to plan on Monday going to get Adriana's new birth certificate, and passport and hopefully squeeze in her doctors appointment that day as well. Provided we can get all three things done that day, we should be able to fly to Guayaquil Wednesday to get her visa and do the exit interview and prayerfully be able to leave for the states Friday or Saturday!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Not having to stay for another weekend is amazing news! Obviously we really won't know until mid week next week to see if it all works out that way...but it is looking like it could very well happen! And this is also great news, as Zac wouldn't have to take any more time off work to come get us as we'd be coming home on a weekend so it would work out perfectly!

Now I just have to make it through the rest of this week and weekend...going to head out to try and get pictures of all the cathedrals, possibly going with the family from Ohio so that will be a good change up!

If we are able to fly to Guayaquil Wednesday that would mean Tuesday would be our last day in Cuenca as we'll fly from Cuenca to Guayaquil then Guayaquil to Quito and then leave from Quito...I really pray this all works so...but...if it doesn't, then I will be Ok with whatever God's plan for us is..all in His Precious Timing.


Barb said...

Congratulations on getting the papers signed. I have been following along and hope the rest of the process goes smootly and you get home soon! I live in Iowa as well and maybe we can meet someday! We are in the process of adopting our second precious one with DS. Such a blessing!

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