Monday, January 9, 2012

Ecuador Day 33

Friday Jan. 6th
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Last night, the women in my bible study had posted a picture of them all with notes of encouragement for awesome is that?! How can I stay mopey and sad when we have so many people praying and supporting us...seriously...not sure ya'll know this....but this God we serve....HE IS AMAZING!!!!!

Now, some may ask well if this God is so good than how can he allow these thing to happen? Well let me tell you...I know that last night my God sat and cried with me...He wept...but His tears are for me as He can see what's on the other side of all of this...and He knows how good and amzing it's going to yeah, He's sad these not so great things happen...but He's crying and holding us through it....knowing how good it is on the other cool is that?!

There are so many days that I could sit and feel sorry for myself....there are days when I could wish away my time here just wanting to be home...but seriously, what an amazing journey He has us on...I've had more face to the earth prayers that I've ever had in the states. I've had more moments of seeing God's Hand in all this then I ever imagined, I've drawn closer to my Lord for comfort...and have even had moments when I felt as if His real hands were wrapped around me, keeping me warm and telling me it was all going to be can I feel sad about all of this? I can't! Yes, I am counting down the days till I'm home...but I'm not sitting around waiting for the days to just can't do that when you can see all these miraculous things He is doing!

It's not easy for Zac being a single parent in the states...and Adriana is getting pretty tired of the same couple of toys we have here...and it definetely not easy for me to be away from Addie going on 6 weeks now...and it really really not easy for Zac and I to be so far apart with a very poor internet connection to help us keep in touch....Zac has had more than one moment of I'm not sure I can do this till Erin get's home....and I've had more than one moment of wanting to scream at th apartment owner for the terrible internet (can't have a skype conversation for longer than 2 minutes without it going out)...but we both know that all these trials and pains are just the devil trying to work his little measily hands into this crazy work that God has got going's actually a fun little game we can play to see how hard the devil is working to cause things to happen to discourage us so that God won't get the glory...but HA! the jokes on you devil, cause there aint nothing but Glory coming to our God!

We had a good day here in Cuenca...we went for a nice walk...I did some more reading...and if you couldn't tell....I've been just writing on the blog...but not publishing as I hadn't the time to proof read without 10 cute little fingers coming to trying to get caught up.


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