Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ecuador Day 36

Monday Jan. 9th

I fell asleep with Adriana last night at about 8:00 and we didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning! I guess we were both tired!

I got a message from Priscila letting us know that Saturday counted as day one for our waiting period...so we're already on day 2 of our 3 day waiting period! Priscilla and I will go to the civil registration on Wednesday morning...she said to plan on a very long day....but we will apply for Adriana's new birth certificate with Zac and I's names, her Ecuadorian ID with her new name, and then go to get her passport! Priscila said that most times, the birth certificate takes 8-10 days but that the people in the civil office are going to help us...so pleae pray that they help us and get us all that we need on Wednesday!

Once we have the birth cert, the Ecuadorian ID, and her passport, we then go to see a doctor for a medical exam for Adriana's visa. Once we have that we can then fly to Guayaquil to go to the US Embassy to get Adriana's visa. Once we have that in hand we wait for written clearance from our judge and then we're free to leave!! So a lot will start happening in the coming days...

Today we headed down to Parque Calderon again and looked around the shops and waited to board a tour bus. It is a double decker bus with the top level open air...and it wa so much fun! It was only $5 for the 2 hour tour and it also took us up to Turi where there is an amazing view of all of Cuenca...I know..I so wish I had a way to get the pics off my camera!!

Anyways, by the time the bus tour was over Adriana was pretty much done and was ready for nap...as I'm sitting here typing I'm quickly realzing that I got a little sun..I can feel it on my cheeks and arms...Adriana is fast asleep and guessign she'll remain that way for another hour or so...

After naps we headed over to the Mall del Rio to go to the supermaxi as I was hoping to get some small things to keep Adri busy when we go to the Civil registry on Wednesday as Prisciala had said it would be a long day of waiting around...but no such luck...just going to pray that coloring books and her doll will keep her entertained..

When we got home we went downstairs to the common area to talk to the people down there...the place here is OK, but pretty much everyone here is retired couples who are looking to move here...but of course that just gets Adriana lots of attention! Several people were heading to Magnolia's for dinner, so we went along as well. I was very proud of Adri as she walked the whole way to and from the restaurant. I let her stay up a little late, hoping to get to talk to Zac, only to be VERY frustrated with the internet connection flaking out...I probably wouldn't be so darn homesick if I could actually talk to Zac and Addie...but such it is...so we'll deal with it! LOL


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