Friday, January 6, 2012

Ecuador Day 31

Wednesday Jan. 4th

Today we planned on heading out to go down to the markets to get our last few momentos and gifts that we wanted to take home. When we were heading out Adriana welcomed herself into the Ohio family's apartment (the door was cracked open). They were asking me about things to see and do as they are leaving on Sunday and I definetly planning on moving here this summer after they are done with their jobs (they are teachers). They invited Adriana and I to join them to meet up another Ex-pat (ex-patriot, Ex-American). We all met this woman and her son at Parque Calderon down by the new cathedral and we went to eat at Raymepapas. Adriana and I really enjoy the Locro de Papas (potato soup) good!

After lunch we got on a bus (only $.25 per just have to be able to figure out which bus you need...needless to say, I won't be taking a bus unless someone is with me to direct me! LOL) to go to a park to let the kids play for a bit and the adults could talk...well...the other adults could talk and I would chase after Adriana chasing the other kids...but we had fun!
Adriana LOVED the bus...and now whenever she sees one she practically freaks out! She has begun the screaming/hollering thing that changes in tone whether she is mad about something or excited about something...yeah....something to work on with her. =)

While at the park there were these ice cream vendors. I would like to believe I had yet to get "gringo'd" Well...we got gringo'd. We all got what ice cream we wanted and didn't ask the price prior to taking the items..for five little ice cream things is was $5.50! Mark (the husband of the family from Ohio was SO UPSET)...the other nearby ice cream vendors were totally giving the vendor a lot of flack for doing what he did...they were laughing about it...but it still just wasn't cool....ALWAYS ask the cost of something before you take it! Lesson learned.

We hailed a cab and headed back down by Parque Calderon..yes, all 7 of us in a small's crazy the way they do things here...we went to Casa De la Mujer (the artisan shops) and did a little shopping and looking. We then walked to the Hippie Market that has lots of handmade jewelry, this time Adriana was done and so were the rest of us as it was almost 5:00 so we hailed a cab and went to a nearby "Delicious Chicken" place near our apartment...I wouldn't have eaten there...but the Ohio family said they'd eaten there and it was good...

It was starting to rain pretty good, so we quickly walked the 3 blocks or so back to our apartment and Adriana and I headed to get out of our wet clothes...and I was starting to get a pretty bad headache so we relaxed and watched a Dora show and got ready for bed. Pretty sure we were both sound asleep by 8:00.

I so wish I could get pics to upload to my blogger...but it's still having issues...or user issues, but either way, it's not working, super bummed about that...oh well.


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