Monday, January 9, 2012

Ecuador Day 32

Thursday Jan. 5th
I woke up with a terrible headache...was really praying it would get better over night, but no such sinuses have just been terrible here...another thing about Cuenca is the air pollution is usually wake up with lots of eye boogies from all the crud that goes into your eyes during the day...and the floors here are never matter how often you mop, you still end up with black socks when walking around cause the air is just that bad...

We needed to get to the Supermaxi to get a couple I mustered up some energy to get there and back....but once I got back the headache was quickly turning into a migraine, so I made some lunch and Adriana and I both took a nice long nap. I woke up still feeling bad and was starting to get sick to my stomach..(crazy thing is I have been going to the Chiropractor about 1x/week and hadn't had a migraine in many many months...and of course, since I haven't been in over 5 weeks..yeah..good times...thankfully Adriana played on the bed next to me. She loves playing with coins so we worked on counting coins quietly for a while.

I was still not getting better so I decided to take a hot shower and that really seemed to help (thankful there was actually hot water!) About that time our lawyer called to let us know she'd be coming by in 30 minutes as there was an issue with some of our we waited and about an hour and a half later she was there. THankfully, her brothers wife was with her and could help translate.

Priscilla explained that my passport said Erin M. Harlan...even though I signed it and everythig else Erin Harlan, the civil registry office said they couldn't enter it into their systerm for Adriana's birth certificate and that it needed to be changed in our court documents...Priscilla also explained that a child gets a mothers maiden name and a fathers name..but since I don't have my maiden name in my current name...Adriana's name in our court documents was Adriana Gabriella Harlan that had to be changed as well...soo...this mean the 3 day waiting period to make the sentence official would have to be interrupted and a new sentence written and another 3 day waiting period would have to take place...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!! I was a wreck. Looking back, it wasn't that terrible...but when I had felt so crappy all day long and then adding this on top of really just sucked...plain and simple.

Priscila explained that the judge was going to re-write the sentence first thing friday morning and so our three day waiting period would be the following Mon - Wed...she said there was a chance the wait period could start Saturday as government officials had to work Saturday since they had monday off for the best case scenario we could still leave by our originally booked Jan. 18th flight...we will pray.

I called my mom and Zac and let them know what was going on...through lots of was at this time I fell deeper in love with my little girl...she pulled her shirt sleeves down over her hands to wipe my tears...and continued to do so until there were no more tears...she went intot he bathroom and kept bringing me pieces of toilet paper and holding it up to my nose and telling me to blow my nose...and continued to wipe my tears..she would sit next to me and rub my back...seriously....I think the HOly Spirit crawled right up inside her body and showed Himself to was amazing!

Adriana and I were going to head out to do something as I couldn't sit in this apartment any we were walking out the Ohio family was coming to their apartment and invited us to dinner at was awesome! Such good food! Seriously what I needed! A good hamburger and fries (we will be returning to that restaruant again!)

I went to bed tired, but knowing I had lots of people praying..


Emily H said...

This is amazing! :) She is so sweet to wipe your tears!!

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