Monday, January 2, 2012

Ecuador Day 28

Sunday Jan. 1st Feliz Anos!
Happy New Year! Despite Adriana being awake until almost 10pm, she was up bright and early at 6:30...I let her watch Toy Story in bed while I attempted to gear myself up for the day.  Once we got up and around I let Adriana take her baby in the shower with'd think she'd won the lottery1 I got to see more independent play out of her as she dried her baby, dressed her, and then asked for a cup and a spoon for her baby and proceeded to sit on the couch and feed her cute.  Can't wait for all the hours of playing with babies with Adriana and Addie once we get home!

John picked us up at 10 and we went to his house quick to start a load of laundry and then John took us up into Paute to the Sunday market there.  It was similar to the market we go to on Thursdays here in Cuenca, but much bigger, and everything is locally grown. (some things at the Cuenca market are brought in from other places in Ecuador) I purchased about a pound of new potatoes, 5 papayas, 3 green and 2 red peppers, a pineapple, 4 mandarines, 8 large carrots (the carrots here are seriously on steroids! LOL), 3 apples,  3 avocados, and 3 onions....and all for less than $5....we wouldn't have such an obesity issue in America if fresh fruits and veggies were so affordable...and all the stuff here is locally grown and organic! 

After going to the market we went on up the road and purchased some more maize (corn) patties like we had the first time came to Paute.  Adriana loves these things..might have to look up how to make them...they seem very similar to a cornbread mixture..but just made into a pancake form.

We were getting hungry for lunch and John wanted to take us to a place where they roast the whole pig out front by the street..and by whole I mean head, ears, tail...its all there...This place was also roasting whole chickens as well..I was concerned about sanitary, getting sick, etc...but John said this is the place he stops when he wants this kind of meal...and he'd never been I guess that eased my mind a bit. LOL...they served coke in the glass bottles as well...pretty neat.  That took me back to my Great Grandpa Thurman (my dad's grandpa) he always had glass bottles of coke for us kids whenever we came to do chores at his house..I'm looking forward to the day I get to see my Great Grandpa and Grandma Thurman again in Heaven...I wonder if Grandpa will even have a coke for me. =) ANyways..this ended up being one of the more expensive meals of our journey at $5/plate..but we did get a ton of food...tons of pork, a salad, and was decent but I'm not sure I'd eat it again...I'm not one to have to eat around/scrape off the fat from the meat and you had to do that with the yeah...not a fan. Zac would have loved it!

We had about a45 minute drive home and Adriana was getting very tired as it was nearing 2:00..Adriana has this love of coins..and she loves to hold several coins in her hands for a long time.  I had given her coins at the the lunch place, but we needed a few of the coins to pay a toll...all of $.50, but she wasn't happy about it and wanted some coins that were in John's cup holder..I told her no and that caused a major fit...she stiffened up her body so it was hard for me to keep her on my lap and then proceeded to try and pinch me very hard...I think John was unsure what to do as she'd always been so good around him..he'd say..only about 20 minutes...only about 10  minutes...I can laugh about it now...Adriana had not cried until today...and she cried....not a lot and she stopped as soon as I snuggled her into me and held her close...poor kiddo has got to be just so confused...but I'd say we can mark it down as her first temper tantrum! LOL Since Adri was so ready to get out of the car and be home we decided I'd call John after Adri woke up and we'd come over to finish the laundry...good times!

When we got home I called my mom and she let me know Zac had arrived and he and Addie had went over to visit his mom and step dad.  She showed me the video she took of when Zac arrived there and I was a bawling baby! Compiled with the stress and emotion of Adriana acting up and just being happy Zac was home with was kinda nice to have a good cry. =)

We had a gourmet dinner of mac n cheese (thanks Shalane!) and a papaya and Adriana and I enjoyed some more time down in the common areas talking to the other people staying here...Adriana has become quite the favorite and is usually being given candy and cookies from people here...pretty cute..unfortunately if the apartment dog, Tormenta, is around, she won't give anyone the time of day as all she wants to do is pet and look at Tormenta "Enta" as she calls her.


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