Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ecuador Day 37

Tuesday Jan. 10th
37 days crazy when you think about what all you can do back home in 37 days...Adriana slept in until 9:00! I was worried she was going to wake up with a fever or something, but she woke up same as normal, just seemed more tired...wondering if she didn't sleep well last night...but I slept like a rock and didn't hear a thing!

Once we finally got up and ready for the day it was almost 10:30..we walked into downtown up the huge flight of stairs next to Magnolia's...I have a picture to post here just to show the large set of stairs..Adri and I were both winded by the time we got to the top!

We walked to the Panama Hat museum on Calle Larga and looked around...very neat to see all the different kinds of hats and how they make them! Little known fact is that the Panama hat actually originated here in Cuenca! Hats range from $10 - $100 depending how much time and material went into the hat...very interesting!

We then walked down to Parque Calderon and went to a couple of my favorite shops in case we don't have another day to shop in Cuenca...(still praying we may get to go to Guayaquil Friday) was fun to walk around...very warm and sunny here today...Adriana did so well and seemed to enjoy being out and about today. We headed over to Raymipapas for lunch as her and I both were getting hungry...of course Adri had the Locro de Papas and I had a chicken crepe that really wasn't that great...big disapointment! Oh well.

Right about the time we left the restaurant it was starting to cloud over pretty fast so we hoped in a taxi and about that time it started to DOWN POUR!! I've noticed the taxi drivers are much more sociable with Adri and I since Zac is not with us...he must have intimidated them with his size. LOL...this driver asked where my spouse was...which kind of made me nervous...but I think he was just trying to be sociable...if you show an interest in learning more spanish they'll really start to talk to you! I just couldn't remember the name for rain...and then he started asking me all these questions! I had to really listen to understand what he was saying, but I was quite proud of myself for doing so well!

Adri took a good nap while I continued to sort through stuff and get organized for packing..I am so not a good packer...really need my big sis here to do as she's the pro! LOL

Priscila is going to be here tomorrow at 9:00 to head to the civil office to start all of our processes to get the three things we need to leave Cuenca...Praying all goes well and smooth!


cheriebfl said...

Erin I have quickly gone through your blog but would love to find out more about Equador adoption and who you used for an agency.

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