Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gotcha Day Part 2

We finished up court and paid our translator. We asked Priscila about the $200 as Maria Jose had said and she asked that we take $60 out to pay the translator and then she would take the rest...and said that she was just doing it to make Maria Jose happy. LOL. Have I mentioned our lawyer is the best...if only all lawyers were like her.

Priscila's husband was waiting for her and we asked them if we could take them to lunch as well as her brother and sister in law. Their whole family was getting ready to leave for the coast (many families go to the coast to the beach for New Years weekend) it ended up just being Priscila, her husband, Santiago, and their 3 year old son, Santi. Andriana was head over heals for Santi and just kept watching him the entire time and saying hiee..she is so ready for some playmates! Poor kiddo....We went to this Italian Ice Cream place that also had good lasagna...and it was very good! We of course had to try the ice cream, which was also very good! $.75 for a cone with a large scoop of ice cream! Santiago bought some bubble gum ice cream for Sati and shared it with Adriana..she liked it, but didn't really love it...took some bites and was done...still don't know if this kid likes ice cream...

Priscila and her family had to get going to pack for their weekend trip, so we let them know we'd get a cab home....we got the bill only to realize they didn't take debit cards and we gave the cash we had with us to Priscilla and the translator...oops! There was a ATM machine across the we tried it several times, but found out it doesn't do international we called John and he came and rescued us, paid the bill, and took us home....have we mentioned how much we love John and he has totally taken us under his wing and been like a grandfather to us. So cool...we know we'll keep in touch with him long after we're home.

By the time we got that whole ordeal taken care of it was almost 3:00 and John was going to be back at 5:00 to pick us up to get a light snack prior to taking Zac to the airport. We tried to get Adri down for a nap, but she wasn't having it, which was fine so Zac could spend more time with her before leaving.

John took us to this cute litte coffee shop that had great smoothies and brownies. I am still in awe of how peaceful I have been on Friday leading up to Zac leaving and yesterday while he was traveling. Amazing what happens when you fill yourself with the Truth.

We got to the airport with plenty of time and got Zac's bags checked. We said goodbye (yes, I cried, but I was totally at peace with it). Adri kept pointing to herself and saying me...she was trying to tell us she wanted to go on the plane..she just loves planes...but I still wonder if she knows the planes = America and her that is what they told her at the orphanage...and that's why she gets so excited for planes...who knows! Zac was going to spend the night in Quito with the Broaddus family before leaving for Miami then Chicago in the morning.

John took Adri and I by a bakery on the way home as Adri was wanting some more "pan" (bread)...He dropped us off at the apartment and I got Adri to bed..after she had a roll from the bakery of course. LOL..I was able to facebook with Stephanie and she let me know Zac was there (my minutes on our cell phone had ran out..need to make sure I get more tomorrow!)

I startd reading I Will Carry You by Angie Smith....totally got lost in the book and stayed up way to late...its a great book!

John let us know he had to go to the store tomorrow and would pick us up at 10 to get us out of the house for the blessed.


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