Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ecuador Day 29

Monday Jan. 2nd
Today we woke up to cloudy skies and it looked like it would rain any minute...I knew we couldn't spend the entire day inside, but we hung out in our jammies for a good portion of the morning and just played and worked on more vocabulary for Adriana. She is getting so much better already!

I was hoping to be able to go back into my posts and start putting pictures in since the internet has been better..but for some reason blogger isn't giving me the upload from picasa...not sure what's up with that...I've posted pics on facebook...and will continue to as I'm able...will have to add pics to the blog once I'm home I guess. Sorry!

We had a wonderful lunch of PB & J...gormet I tell ya...and we both took a nice long nap..then it was time to get out of the house so we headed to the Mall Del Rio...I was hoping I could find a swim suit as they have a place called Banos with Hot Water natural springs...and I packed Adriana's suit, but didn't pack mine...not sure what I was thinking there...but anyways...turns out you have to be about a size 0 or be willing to show all your stuff if you're going to purchase a suit here...so I guess we're not going to Banos..oh well...

We continue to get to know the Ohio family...mostly because as soon as I open our apartment door, if their door is open, Adriana just goes right in and starts making herself comfortable. LOL...glad they don't mind! We were going to go out to dinner together, but they'd had a late lunch so their kids were'nt hungry...they have something planned for every day this week...so we might just have to tag along one of the days!

I think the "honeymoon" period has officially worn off as i'm seeing more and more tantrums and acting out...I'm sure it is a compilation of her just being confused, being taken from the only place she's every known, to her daddy leaving, etc...if I tell her no about something she will stomp her foot and tell me no right back....good times! I've been trying to do more reading as to when to really start enforcing discipline with an adopted child. I don't want to affect our bonding, but I do want to set up some boundaries..If she doesn't get what she wants, like getting to watch a movie, or getting to take another shower....she usually sits and pouts somewhere....I've been trying to just pick her up and hold her and love on her when that happens, but I'm not sure that is the correct answer...just learning as we go!


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